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Atpoint Group


About AtPoint Group

Our journey began in 1990 as a small data entry company, tapping into Jamaica’s telecommunication infrastructure and ultimately transforming into a BPO powerhouse, serving some of the most prestigious clients: Blue Cross, Sirius XM, Philips North America, and Woodforest National Bank.

With a team of over 4,300 spread across various locations, we proudly held the title of Jamaica’s first and largest BPO until we sold our company to ACS, but we didn’t lose sight of our original intentions. We kept a few key clients close, and under our new identity, AtPoint Group, our commitment to excellence remains as strong as ever.

You might wonder why Jamaica is our chosen hub for call center support. It’s definitely not just about saving costs – though we do offer competitive pricing. And of course there are many other obvious perks: the time zone alignment, accessible location, and stable economy but the most valuable asset to our clients is the people of Jamaica.

Our Jamaican workforce boasts impressive education levels and shares a strong cultural bond with our US clients. Our team embodies a work ethic that’s driven by career aspirations and a deep commitment to customer satisfaction. We understand that true value lies in more than just affordability, it’s the human connection and proven results.

As the longest-standing BPO in Jamaica, we’ve become a cornerstone of the region’s employment landscape. This heritage grants us access to the finest talent pool available, ensuring that our workforce is second to none in professionalism, dedication, and proficiency.

If you’re looking for a partner who’s as dedicated to your success as you are, look no further than AtPoint Group.


AtPoint Group Finds the Solution


AtPoint Group Finds the Solution

At AtPoint, we’re not afraid to embrace the latest technology to enhance your customer’s experience. Whether it’s providing direct access to our top executives for swift decision-making or leveraging cutting-edge tools, we’re always at the forefront of innovation.


EXPERIENCEDAtPoint Group Simplifies the Complex


AtPoint Group Simplifies the Complex

When it comes to navigating the complexities of the industry, we’re seasoned experts. Our deep understanding of regulatory frameworks and bureaucratic processes allows us to maneuver with ease, delivering prompt and effective solutions for all your business needs.

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